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January 1, 2003 Ambassador Briefing Series

On June 25, 2002 the Foundation in cooperation with the World Leaders Symposium Committee offered the first presentation in an Ambassador Briefing Series. It featured Her Excellency Ivon A-Baki, Ambassador to the United States from Ecuador. She presented a briefing on Ecuador and the Andean Region in the new millennium. Specifically, the presentation disscussed Ecuador's unique dollar based monetary system and the Andean Region Trade Initiative.

Since then the program offered in July 2002, His Excellency Juan Jose Bremer, Ambassador to the United States from Mexico, who presented a brief on Mexico’s unique relationship with the United States and the NAFTA Trade Initiative.

On January 2003, we welcomed His Excellency Javier Ruperez, Ambassador of Spain to the United States of America, who presented "Spain in the New Millenium."

Coming soon: Briefing from the Ambassador of China.