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  • Latest News: Congressional Data Challenge

    The Library of Congress today launched a Congressional Data Challenge, a competition asking participants to leverage legislative data sets on and other platforms to develop digital projects that analyze, interpret or share congressional data in user-friendly ways. Submissions could take the form of interactive visualizations, mobile or desktop applications,...

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James Monroe on the $100 Bill?

James Monroe on the $100 BillDid you know that prior to Benjamin Franklin, James Monroe's portrait was on the $100 bill?  From 1878 until 1882, when Thomas H. Benton's portrait was used, James Monroe graced the $100 bill.  The reverse was printed in black ink, unlike any other U.S. Federal Government issued dollar bill.  Click Here for more information about the $100 bill.




Monroe $100 Bill

Monroe $100 Bill Back

Last Updated on Friday, 21 October 2011 16:18