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  • Latest News: The Library Has A New Book

    A new book exploring the history of the card catalog, that venerated chest of small drawers that contained the known universe, has been published by the Library of Congress in association with Chronicle Books.

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----- How Can I Help? -----

For over 80 years, the James Monroe Foundation has worked tirelessly to honor the life and legacy of James Monroe. However, for us and for supporters around the country, our work has just begun.

Reconstructing the birthplace of James Monroe, continuing to acquire Monroe artifacts, and enlarging our educational programs will not be easy. Each effort requires investments of scarce resources. That's why the Foundation needs your help.

Your contribution to the James Monroe Foundation of time and resources will go a long way to accomplishing these goals.

You can make a tax-deductible contribution by PayPal, which can accept your credit card or bank draft (if you have a PayPal account). 

To use PayPal, click on the Donate button:

You can also send a Tribute Gift to us by U.S. Mail.  Click Here to view the gift form.


The Monroe Foundation began collecting in 1928. The great majority of the collection has been received through the gifts of generous donors. There are various levels of contribution.

Bronze Sponsor

$50 - $99

Silver Sponso4

$100 - $249

Gold Sponsor

$250 - $499

Monroe Doctrine Patriot

$500 - $999

Laurence Hoes Society

$1000 -

----- Annual Fund -----

Unrestricted contributions to the annual fund support all operations. These include education and preservation programs, research, conservation, publications, and professional and web-based services.

----- Corporate and Foundation Partnerships -----

Partnerships provide unrestricted annual operating support for our educational programs, research opportunities, artifact acquisition, publications, professional services, and outreach programs. Recently, we partnered with the James Monroe Bank to increase the awards in our annual scholarship program. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it us for further information.

----- Use of Donated Funds -----

In the coming months, we will:

1. Begin raising the necessary funds to reconstruct the birthplace of James Monroe. The reconstruction of the James Monroe Birthplace farmhouse and related buildings will cost in excess of $500,000. The Foundation will work to acquire the necessary funds. The James Monroe Foundation is currently raising the money and expects to break ground on July 5, 2014.

2. Develop strategic partnerships with other organizations to maximize resources for our artifact acquisition and preservation efforts.

3. Raise funds for our successful essay-writing contest for high school juniors and seniors, the annual James Monroe Scholarship Award.

4. Build relationships with other initiatives to strengthen educational outreach programs.

5. Harness the power of the Internet to enlarge and support our grassroots organization committed to honoring President Monroe.

The Monroe Foundation will succeed in these worthwhile efforts -- if and only if -- sponsors, supporters and volunteers continue to help us.

Please join me in making the James Monroe Foundation a powerful tool to educate the public on the accomplished legacy of James Monroe . I hope you will support us with your ideas and your energy, as well as financially, as we move toward the reconstruction of the birthplace and beyond.


Chris Winslow
James Monroe Foundation


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