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1   Link   Elizabeth Monroe, an American Love Story
All but unknown to most Americans, Elizabeth Monroe was America’s most beautiful and most courageous first lady.
2   Link   James Monroe’s Home May Not Have Been So Humble After All
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — For decades, tour guides led visitors through a modest two-room cottage on the outskirts of this city, recounting the accomplishments of James Monroe, the country’s fifth president, and highlighting details of life at Highland, the homestead where he lived with his wife, Elizabeth Kortright Monroe, from 1799 to 1823.

But that chapter of the home’s history came to an abrupt and slightly embarrassing end not long ago when the estate’s director revealed what some recent explorations turned up at the site: a fieldstone foundation for a much larger house with a footprint of about 74 by 30 feet. Tours have been revised to reflect the discovery that the humble cottage was, in fact, merely a guesthouse — and Monroe’s actual home, a mansion, had probably burned down after he sold the property.
3   Link   VA Museum to Unveil Portrait of U.S. President James Monroe
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. (AP) — A painting of the nation's fifth president is being unveiled at the James Monroe Museum in Fredericksburg this weekend.
4   Link   James Monroe Museum acquires letter
5   Link   Kerry's Confused Eulogy on the Monroe Doctrine
6   Link   Monroe Birthplace Included in Heritage Trail
7   Link   Jamees Monroe Honored at Wreath Laying - Colonial Beach Journal, May 2, 2012
8   Link   President James Monroe's Birthplace Gains in Stature, Southside Sentinal, October 6, 2011
By seeing his home, said Thomas, “this says to young people, yes, you can come from humble beginnings and become president of the United States.”
9   Link   April 28, 2010 Proclaimed James Monroe Day in Virginia
10   Link   James Monroe Proclaims His Doctrine
"James Monroe Proclaims His Doctrine," by Ishaan Tharoor, Time Magazine, January, 2011
11   Link   Monroe Policies Help Obama
"How James Monroe Policies Might Help Obama Triumph over Foreign Foes," By Harlow Giles Unger, History News Network, November 9, 2009.
12   Link   The Forgotten President
"The Forgotten President," by Edwin Slipek Jr., Style Magazine, April 16, 2008.
13   Link   May 21, 2014 - China follows America's Monroe Doctrine as Obama pursues a policy of ambiguity
14   Link   November 6, 2014: Beijing’s Ménluó Doctrine: If it was good for America, should it be good for China?
15   Link   May 26, 2014 Chinese behaviour in Asian seas driven by Monroe Doctrine of its own